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In this game, you (a crazy drunk ninja) must fight against alien stickmen for the sake of all mankind ! (that's it, and yes, this is the whole story...).

How to play :

TLDR : Put your red fists in their yellow faces. Avoid their red parts.

PRO TIP : You can try to "whirl" by going, up, left, down, right in a circle so that your arms swing around you and punch aliens in their ugly faces. (like here)

Your character is completly crazy and/or drunk, so you cannot actually decide what he is doing, you can only direct him to where you want him to go. And, as if an out of control ninja wasn't enough to begin with, you are also being attacked by aliens ! You must try to land a punch while avoiding their red tentacles. Pro tip, "aim" for the head.

This game is my entry for the 31st Ludum Dare Jam.

It has been made under 48 hours, I made all the art (well, programmer art...) & programming, the music was made by Hyperion666 (newgrounds).


DrunkNinjaVsAlien_Linux.zip 14 MB
DrunkNinjaVsAlien_Mac.zip 13 MB
DrunkNinjaVsAlien_Windows.zip 11 MB